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Salesforce Document Management Made Easy: Dynamo MS Office Add-In

Salesforce boosts our productivity by giving us a single view of customer information and documents attached to customers. But what happens to our productivity when we have to switch applications to create those customer documents?

In this article, we show you how to use a free add-in that connects MS Office with Salesforce. With this Documill Dynamo Office add-in, you can manage your Salesforce documents through Microsoft Office and open, edit and save documents stored in Salesforce directly from Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Access Salesforce content from Microsoft Office

Upload your documents to Salesforce in Microsoft Office straight after creating the file, without having to save it to a local folder and upload it to Salesforce manually. With this add-in, you can open existing documents stored in Salesforce from Office programs whether the documents are in Salesforce library or attached to a record. When you are done with editing, update the new version back to Salesforce like you would save any Office document.

There’s no need to use a separate browser to download or upload your documents nor local files saving. With the add-in, you can merge and manage changes between your local and Salesforce versions easily.

Get the Documill Dynamo Add-in for Salesforce for free from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Dynamo Office Add-in supports Word, PowerPoint and Excel from Office 2007 and later. Once you have installed the add-in, you’ll find a DYNAMO tab in your Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

The DYNAMO tab contains Open, Save and Save As buttons. Once the DYNAMO tab is visible, you’re all set up to start managing Salesforce documents through MS Office.

Below are some useful tips on how to use the add-in. Follow these simple steps to learn how to:

  • Upload a new document to Salesforce from Office
  • Search and open an existing file from Salesforce libraries or objects
  • Update a new version of Salesforce file or save as a new file

Uploading a new document from Office to Salesforce

Step 1. Go to the Dynamo Tab



Step 2. Click Save As to upload new document to Salesforce

To upload a new document to Salesforce, click the “Save” and select Salesforce folder. You can save files in Chatter or Salesforce Libraries. If you want to share a file with others, you’ll see more sharing options under “Publish to a shared library”.



Search and open an existing file from Salesforce libraries or objects

Step 1. Open the existing file from Salesforce

Select “Open” to load a file from Salesforce database. From here, you can search for files either in libraries or record attachments. The Dynamo Add-in will only display files that are in the Office formats.



Searching files from Salesforce object: In “Search All” tab, search documents attached with an account or an opportunity’s record.



Step 2. Select “Add Object” to add more field that you want to search from. Update the new version of Salesforce file or save as a new file



Once you’re finished editing, you can save the change by click “Save”. Dynamo add-in will overwrite the old version of the file and update the file with the new version. Or, select “Save As”, to store the file in a different location in Salesforce.



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