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Why use Documill Dynamo?

Improve customer response times, minimize risks and costs

Save time spent on documentation by up to 30% and reduce errors by automating document driven processes.

Increase document accessibility by removing infrastructure barriers

Deliver multiple and hybrid document formats to any device and operating system. Synchronize documents with Salesforce platform and devices.

Enhance work efficiency, businesses processes, and customer engagement

Complete the last mile of workflow automation and shorten the sales cycle using collaborative documents.

Automating Document Driven Processes

Workflow design

Setup workflows according to business rules. Automate the business process by designing a workflow for how data is handled in different phases and how users interact with Salesforce data during the process.

Template design

Design document templates, form layouts and interfaces in an integrated environment. Make use of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or web browser as supported template design tools.

Document creation

Create MS Office, PDF and web-browser documents using Salesforce and external data. Automatically embed or drag and drop clauses to documents from clause library. Edit the document after creation and save back to Salesforce or share it by email in one click.

Approval Process

Allow others to edit, comment, approve documents and keep track on document updates and versions. Obtain appropriate internal approvals and engage all relevant parties.


How Dynamo supports enterprise customers – use cases

Quote to customer

Create quotes using line items and pricing data. Manage attachments and obtain internal approvals for pricing quickly. Edit the quote after it has been generated and send to a customer for comments. Update quotes with new data and retain the previous edition.

Contract negotiation

Add the right terms and clauses to each contract and keep track of changes to standard terms. Simplify the approval process using the clause library and business rule. Effectively manage different versions of the contract and track customer comments.

Service reports

Bring data from different Salesforce objects in one report. Put the data in the right format for analysis using pivoting and optimal layout design for multi-page reports. Add comments to the reports and save hours by automating recurring complex report creation.

Editions and Pricing



per user/month

  • Automation using business rules
  • Single click Salesforce upload
  • Multiple language variants
  • Document version tracking
  • Administration based on Salesforce rules
  • Minimum 10 users

€ Custom

All the features of the Professional edition plus workflow automation

  • Drag and drop clause library
  • Automated email creation
  • Retain edits with document updates
  • Collaboration and redlining
  • Creation or updating of Salesforce data
  • Minimum 10 users
For Community Cloud

€ Custom

For external users with the features of Professional or Enterprise Edition

  • Enable customer and partner interaction with the document automation process
  • Allow external users to create documents in a single click
  • Pricing based on volume of usage

Compare all features in detail

Workflow Design Professional Enterprise
Use business rules and conditions to automate the document creation process:

  • Unlimited number of steps to process data based on business requirements
  • Customized document selection and user interaction with the document process based on user profile or business unit
Add actions to the document driven process for workflow automation:

  • Trigger the collaborative actions for documents in Salesforce, for e.g. update records, send for internal approval, send to customers, etc.
  • Start the document generation process automatically using Salesforce Outbound Message API (10 API requests /month / user license, more requests can be purchased separately)
Template Design Professional Enterprise
Design templates using MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Web-browser. Supports MS Office 2010 and newer versions (including Office 365)
Drag and drop Salesforce fields, related line items, reports into templates without switching browser
Create templates with complex layout requirements:

  • Add conditional text and graphical elements (images, charts, and tables) to documents
  • Drag and drop related list to create tables or nested tables to display line items and other data
  • Manipulate data with calculations and operators
  • Embed complex logic and scripts in templates
  • Full support for Salesforce SOQL queries
Reuse blocks of text or other templates across documents
Lock merge fields and other content for editing in the generated document
Control multiple language variants of the document in one template
Set track changes in the generated documents
Merge fields into email templates to automate email creation
User Interaction Professional Enterprise
Create documents in a single button click in the record view
Create documents in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or web-based formats
Customize the content before creating documents such as

  • Show / hide discounts sections
  • Select terms & conditions
  • Select attachments and arrange page order
  • And more…
Customize and edit the documents after generating
Combine multiple documents into one PDF
Drag and drop blocks of text or slides from library into documents
Workflow Automation Professional Enterprise
Send documents as an email attachment or hyperlink in a single click from editing tools
Update documents with new Salesforce data while retaining customized text
Use conditions to trigger next steps for documents in Salesforce:

  • Create or update Salesforce tasks or records
  • Send to customer or for internal approval
  • Update status (approved, accepted, rejected) and timestamp
Document Management Professional Enterprise
Control document administration and security
Track document versions
Data Source and System Integration Professional Enterprise
Salesforce data source (standard, custom, external objects and reports)
Excel data source
External data source (XML, HTTP, JSON) Optional


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