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Document automation for effective sales and services processes in Salesforce

Consistent and high-quality documents

Easily provide high-quality document output with desired language, layout and content for multilingual organizations across regions.

Pixel perfect corporate visual identity

Create high quality documents with your own company logo, fonts, color and header & footer options.

Intuitive Salesforce Experience

Allow your end-users to select attachments, edit the document, save it back to the record or send it via email, without leaving Salesforce. 

Easy Implementation and Fast Deployment

 Simple to use

Browser-first solution. No client-side installationDrag-and-drop supporting UI. No parameters or browser switching required to map data. Leverage sample template library as basis for design.

High quality template

Easy to create high quality template for the best output. Support images, multi-level related lists, nested tables, conditional content, data filtering and calculation. No coding skills required.

Quick template customization

Customize templates’ functionality quickly with easy settings. Control document translations. Add attachments. Select saving and sending options. Define end-users editing right. Create email templates.

Seamlessly integrated into Salesforce

Easy access to data from any Salesforce’s objects. Use Salesforce standard features to manage document versioning, storage locations and access permissions. Lightning ready, lightning fast.


How customers are using Documill Dynamo

Quote to customer

Create quotes using line items and pricing data. Select and arrange the required attachments to be merged in the final quote. Edit the quote after it has been generated. Attach the quote to the record and send it to customers with an email template.

Contract creation

Add the right terms to each contract by drag and drop clauses to the document from Documill Dynamo Clauses object in Salesforce. Effectively manage different versions of the contract. Update time stamp when the contract has been sent to customers.

Service reports

Bring data from different Salesforce objects in one report. Put the data in the right format for analysis using pivoting and optimal layout design for multi-page reports. Add comments to the reports and save hours by automating recurring complex report creation.


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White paper: why Documill Dynamo is so easy to use for both end users and Salesforce admins >>>

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How it works

Install from AppExchange

Install to your Production or Sandbox from AppExchange. Open the Documill Dynamo tab in your Salesforce to get started.

Build your solution

Add a button to a desired Object in Salesforce. Create and personalize your template. Share and grant end-user permissions.

Enrich the experience

Edit the solution’s functionality as your business requires. Customize our standard workflow to fully automate your solution.


Documill Dynamo Standard


per user per month

Min 10 users

Install from AppExchange
Documill Dynamo Custom

Custom Price

Licenses Price + Professional Services

Min 50 users

Contact Us

For reviewing our standard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provisioning terms and conditions, please download Documill Dynamo – SaaS Terms and Conditions.

Standard Features

Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) obligations for Data Subprocessor
Data Source
Work with any Salesforce object
Fast Deployment
Browser-based, integrated, drag & drop UI
Sample template library for different use cases
Fast accessing and retrieving of data from all fields, multi-level lists and SOQL
Filter, collect or calculate data
Control documents’ layouts

  • Display content based on specifed conditions
  • Images from Chatter Files, Attachments or related lists
  • Nested tables
Format data, fonts, size, logo and colors
Pre-define sections where users can edit
Modify the standard workflow
Real-time testing of the results
Easy Settings
Control document translation
Add and select attachments
Keep part of content editable after the document is created
Document version control
Email templates and email attachments
Intuitive End-user Experience
Work with the document in Salesforce
Drag & drop clauses into the document
Auto-upload document output to Salesforce
Supported browsers:

  • For template designer: Chrome, Firefox
  • For end-users: Chrome, Firefox, the latest version of Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge)
Systems: Mac, Windows and Linux
Salesforce Lightning and Classic
Customer Support
Self service in form of Online Help Center
Email & Chat Support

Modules for Customized Documill Dynamo

Customized Modules for Documill Dynamo
Using Excel as a middleware
DocuSign E-signature connector
Advanced workflow:

  • Ability to add more steps and screens to the Standard Workflow
  • Re-design the Workflow for advanced use cases such as document approval processes
Integrate chatter messages into the document for commenting
Usage of Outbound Message API or Compose API
Modularity: Reusing template components in different contexts
XML data source
JSON data source
HTTP connection to external data
Office add-ins (Word, Excel, PowerPoint outputs)


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