The easiest way to create high-quality documents in Salesforce

Create top-quality documents
with a click

As a Salesforce user, Documill Dynamo allows you to create high-quality documents in an instant without leaving Salesforce. Even with a click or two, using any device. With no worry about manual errors.

Quick and simple
to deploy and maintain

For Salesforce admins, Documill Dynamo makes deployment of automation unbelievably easy. Setting it up is simple, while document templates are a breeze to create and keep on brand with our easy-to-use, yet powerful online editor.

Increase productivity,
work more comfortably

As a team manager, you can enjoy simpler document approvals, higher productivity and better visibility to operations. All documents and versions will be easy to find and sales cycles get faster, while your life gets much easier.

Customers boosting productivity with Documill Dynamo

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How our customers are using Documill Dynamo

Quotes to customers

Create quotes that automatically fetch Salesforce data to the appropriate sections. Add standard attachments like terms & conditions and product specs. Deliver in an automated email.


Add the right terms to each contract by simply dragging and dropping clauses. Effectively keep track of different contract versions and changes in document status. All this without leaving Salesforce.

Service reports

Create documents that combine data from any Salesforce objects into powerful insights. Add bespoke calculations, present it all in the optimal format and share easily. Save hours of routine work!

And also…

Invoices, CVs, Packing lists, Internal Sales reports, Account plans, Field service case responses, eMails, Thank you letters.

…And more!


See how Dynamo works

Product Material

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  • Brochure: Documill Dynamo – as easy as document automation gets for users, admins and managers >>>
  • White paper: Why Documill Dynamo is so easy to use for both end users and Salesforce admins >>>
  • White paper: New generation of Salesforce document automation and its business benefits >>>

Get started – it’s easy!

1. Install from AppExchange

Download Documill Dynamo to a production or sandbox environment from the Salesforce AppExchange. Then just login to Salesforce, click on the Documill Dynamo tab, pick a sample template and you are good to go!

2. Complete your template

Edit, test and personalize your template, all without leaving Documill Dynamo’s editor. Once it is complete, roll it out by simply adding a document generation button in Salesforce and granting permissions to your users.

3. Boost productivity and the experience

After deployment, add gradually powerful workflow automation capabilities to your solution: on-the-fly translation, quick document approval and adding attachments, to name just a few.


Documill Dynamo Standard


per user per month

Min 10 users

Install from AppExchange
Documill Dynamo Custom

Custom Price

Licenses Price + Professional Services

Min 50 users

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For reviewing our standard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provisioning terms and conditions, please download Documill Dynamo – SaaS Terms and Conditions.

Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) obligations for Data Subprocessor
Data Source
Work with any Salesforce object
Fast Deployment
Browser-based, integrated, drag & drop UI
Sample template library for different use cases
Fast accessing and retrieving of data from all fields, multi-level lists and SOQL
Filter, collect or calculate data
Control documents’ layouts

  • Display content based on specifed conditions
  • Images from Chatter Files, Attachments or related lists
  • Nested tables
Format data, fonts, size, logo and colors
Pre-define sections where users can edit
Modify the standard workflow
Real-time testing of the results
Easy Settings
Control document translation
Add and select attachments
Keep part of content editable after the document is created
Document version control
Email templates and email attachments
Intuitive End-user Experience
Work with the document in Salesforce
Drag & drop clauses into the document
Auto-upload document output to Salesforce
Supported browsers:

  • For template designer: Chrome, Firefox
  • For end-users: Chrome, Firefox, the latest version of Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge)
Systems: Mac, Windows and Linux
Salesforce Lightning and Classic
Customer Support
Self service in form of Online Help Center
Email & Chat Support
Customized Modules for Documill Dynamo
Using Excel as a middleware
DocuSign E-signature connector
Advanced workflow:

  • Ability to add more steps and screens to the Standard Workflow
  • Re-design the Workflow for advanced use cases such as document approval processes
Collaboration Module

  • Integrate chatter messages into the document for commenting
  • Enable document approvals with comments
Office Output Module

  • Generate output document in the format of MS Office Word (DOCX), Excel (XLSX) and PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • No additional client side add-ins
Usage of Outbound Message API or Compose API
Modularity: Reusing template components in different contexts
XML data source
JSON data source
HTTP connection to external data

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