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Easy, Intuitive, Innovative: New Documill Dynamo Launched!

This is exciting: we have just launched a new version of Documill Dynamo for Salesforce. With its intuitive, easy-to-use design that allows quick and painless deployment, we really think it begins a completely new generation of document automation solutions.

Of course, document automation applications are nothing new. We have had them around for years, these things that allow users to create documents automatically by populating document templates with content and dynamic data brought from a database.

However, the new, radically redesigned Documill Dynamo marks the point where they finally come of age.

Fast, easy deployment with tight Salesforce integration

High rollout costs and long deployment times have tended to be the norm for document automation applications. But with its seamless integration with Salesforce, the new Documill Dynamo is quick to deploy. And you do not have to be an engineer to roll it out, as:

  • no coding or setting of cryptic parameters are required
  • data is readily available from any Salesforce object, be it standard or custom
  • a selection of ready-made templates that are easy to customize is available.

Browser-first approach for true online experience

Most document generation applications have used external office applications for template design – usually Microsoft Word. However, Word was never designed to meet the sophistication of document generation, which connects templates with Salesforce data and holds definitions of workflows for advanced document automation.

The new Documill Dynamo utilizes a dedicated online editor, available also for Windows and macOS operating systems, in keeping with Salesforce’s preference for cloud and online technologies. It makes template design a lot easier for admins, as they can:

  • build documents on the fly by dragging and dropping content
  • easily edit template layout and logic
  • maintain high quality and consistency
  • use a future-proof, scalable technology that is browser-agnostic
  • avoid corruption of templates arising from updates in editor software – a common issue with third-party editors.

Document creation completely without leaving Salesforce

With its HTML-powered template designer tool, the new Documill Dynamo makes Salesforce the one and only working environment that Salesforce users need for all steps of document generation.

Meanwhile, Salesforce admins can fully control, which parts of the document are editable for users. Strong and consistent branding of documents can be maintained, while users can:

  • retain focus and save time, with no need to jump between applications
  • create documents on any device, including mobile phones and tablets
  • work in Lightning and Classic environments, whether with a Windows or macOS operating system.

High quality enabled by online and cloud technologies

In close to two decades, Salesforce has grown into the world’s leading CRM system in both sophistication and market share.

Following Salesforce’s online- and cloud-based technology approach, Documill Dynamo begins a new generation of document automation applications and allows powering up the document automation capabilities of Salesforce to the maximum. The benefits are many: smooth deployment, easy template creation with no programming skills required, high and consistent quality of documents and enablement of document generation completely within Salesforce for users.

Why not find out more about the new Document Dynamo at the Salesforce AppExchange – or even download it for a free trial period?

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