//Why could the improvement in search be so important for my company?

Why could the improvement in search be so important for my company?

Analyst companies like IDC and Butler Group have estimated that Information Workers spend 9-10 hours a week looking for information. Next to company employees, information is organization’s most valuable asset. A good search experience is component enabling getting the right information to the right people at the right time. It simply defines how quickly a company can respond to emerging opportunities and competitive threats.

An average corporate citizen spends 12 hours per week looking for information – that is up to 30% of effective work time.

60% of the employees say that search into corporate content repositories needs improvement. They simply can not find what they are looking for – or they find it, but not fast enough.

People waste 3.5 hours each week on searches which don’t turn up the right information.

The amount of data users have to deal with has been continuously increasing past 20 years. Today, in a typical enterprise environment, it means relevant content gets stored in multiple different systems and services, each maybe having its own dedicated search, or not even that. During past five year, in an increasing rate, enterprises have started using cloud-based content repositories and other systems. All these different systems are like silos, with no common way to find nor access content stored in them. Documill Discovery is designed to act as a tool to have one efficient way into these isolated content silos, eg. act as an integration layer between distributed content assets and the users.

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