//What are the key capabilities offered by Documill Discovery?

What are the key capabilities offered by Documill Discovery?

End-users will benefit from the following capabilities of Documill Discovery:

  • Efficient content discovery experience: single search query which covers all the connected sources
  • Powerful filters to drilldown into meaningful set of results
  • Page-level insight into documents such as MSOffice, PDF and RTF files
  • Highly actionable results with accurate previews
  • Keyword highlights on previewed pages
  • Efficient content previewing capabilities with intra-document search
  • Content re-usability thru the ability to selectively pick certain pages from different documents, and create a new document including only these selected pages.

For the organization relying on Documill Discovery, the significant increase of efficiency is enabled by capabilities such as:

  • Comprehensive coverage; Universal search from file shares, web pages, CMS, ECMs, databases, cloud services etc.
  • Effortless maintenance and provisioning; Pure browser-based solution without any additional plug-in requirements
  • Secure; Enforcement of complex access right models as defined by the source systems
  • Mobile ready, supporting field workers; Preview content using any browser-enabled device such as smart phones and tables.
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