//Where and how can our users access Documill Discovery?

Where and how can our users access Documill Discovery?

Documill Discovery comes with a customizable HTML-based user interface. This user interface can be used as such, or customized according to the graphical guidelines and design of the application/service embedding Documill Discovery.

Alternatively, Documill Discovery services are available via well-defined set of REST APIs. These APIs can be used thru various different UIs, effectively exposing Documill Discovery functionality with completely customized look & feel.

Documill Discovery has been designed to complement existing portals, document management systems and repositories. It can easily be integrated with existing solutions, be those traditional enterprise on-premises solutions or cloud services. Once Documill Discovery is integrated, it takes care of the content indexing and search query completion, as well as provides the complete search experience with content previews and page-level search results.

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