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Fast Route to Advanced Sales Automation – Easy as ABC

There is so much more to document automation in Salesforce than just pushing a button to automatically generate a document.

An advanced application can help you streamline, accelerate and solidify any process that involves producing documents – and by the way, which process does not?


One-stop shop for admins: online template builder

In Documill Dynamo, the document-related workflows are created right in its template builder. As an admin, it is a one-stop shop for all your document automation as well as many other business automation needs.

To make things smooth to start with, we have added the most common workflows on our sample templates. Even better, no coding is needed to put them to good use – just make a few clicks and you’re good to go.


Get started with automation workflows – now!

To see for yourself how it works, just download Documill Dynamo for a free trial. Then open, say, the sample template Quotation – direct pdf and click Settings (1) in the top menu. Now, what do you want to do?

  • Enable users to have attachments automatically or optionally added to your document? Click Attachments (2).
  • Choose between autosave and manual saving by users (with various options)?
    Click Save & Email (3).
  • Allow users to automatically email the final document forward when generating it?
    Again, click Save & Email (3).

Have the document translated automatically to the recipient’s language using Salesforce Translation Workbench?
Click Salesforce Translation Workbench (4).


By clicking Translations (4) on the pane on the right, you can also:


Ready for all your templates

Even if you create your own templates from scratch, you can import these automation options (and a couple of others that are readily available) on them.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it?


Learn more

Would you like to learn more about the ways to step up productivity with document automation? Then why not drop us a line so we can tell you more or give you a demo. Or download a free trial version of Documill Dynamo now to see, how it all works in practice.

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