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Five Steps to Improving Customer Service Experience

Many successful companies put customers at the centre of their businesses, but how do you go from good to excellent when it comes to customer experience?

We highlight in this article 5 simple ways to improve customer service experience that are easy to implement and most importantly, help you to genuinely put customers at the heart of your business.

1. Find out what your customers are saying about you

This is quite possibly the easiest way to improve your customer care experience. Genuinely listen to your customers’ feedback and take action. Note down any bottlenecks or common areas for issues and resolve these. Tell your customers that you have taken their feedback on board. Show that you care about your customers and they will do the same.

From social media monitoring tools such as Hubspot’s Social Inbox to customer surveys, there are a variety of tools to help you capture your customers’ sentiment about your brand.

2. Give customer facing teams authority to resolve issues

To increase loyalty, which is often a product of a great customer experience, offer your customers easy and effortless customer support. Make sure they know they can rely on your customer care team when needed. Nothing kills a good experience better than being passed around so make sure to give your customer facing teams enough authority to make decisions that help customers to resolve their issue. By enabling your customer support teams to handle even some of the trickier customer support queries, you can add the wow factor to the service you provide.

3. Give your team the tools they need

This goes hand in hand with empowering your customer-facing employees. Make sure your CRM and other repositories log all customer data and that it can be easily found when needed. Seamless access to all company information that is related to customers and products is paramount in improving customer care experience. Having an advanced search app implemented in an enterprise gives you another opportunity to wow your customers. Advanced search systems, such as Documill Discovery, integrate search with key systems used daily by your customer support team including Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, Atlassian JIRA for example and offers one window through which your customer-facing employees can find relevant information.

Learn how an advanced search app can power up your customer care experience with a demo of Documill Discovery.

4. Be there when your customer needs you

With the abundance of online customer support technologies, being available to your customers is easier than ever. Be it a chat option on your website (such as LiveChat), 24/7 telephone support line or a social media presence, make sure you are where your customers are and offer them a convenient way of contacting you.

5. Make sure all customer touchpoints are aligned

Map the customer journey and all the possible touchpoints your customer has when interacting with your product or service. Ensure a consistent experience and strive to exceed the expectations on all touchpoints to maximise the wow factor and an experience worth telling a friend about.

Don’t underestimate the value of any of the above when creating an excellent customer care experience, and make sure to revisit your strategy every now and then to make sure it works.

If you’re looking at how you can improve your customer experience, learn more about Documill Discovery to see how offering a single search for all your customer related documents can boost your business.

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