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Four Ways to Accelerate Sales with Document Automation

The new version of Documill Dynamo can accelerate sales in a big way. Ultra-easy to deploy, it marks a new era of document automation technology. Here we give you four ways in which it brings you more speed – and four reasons to try it out now.

1.      Create and update documents quickly

Our first point is very simple: when you automate document generation, a lot of manual work and mistakes are eliminated. Accurate, beautiful, on-brand sales documents are generated within moments from a single click. To save training and admin time, you could even trigger your sales documents to run automatically from an opportunity status change or other Salesforce activity. The end of cutting and pasting from Salesforce and the kind of time and efficiency saving that really helps with sales user adoption.


2.      Make Salesforce the single point of truth and activity

A primary objective of many a Salesforce implementation is to make Salesforce the single source of sales data across the organization. Better still, if as many of the sales related tasks as possible can be done within Salesforce without external applications. Extracting data into documents that are amended, edited, changed and saved outside the Salesforce environment tends to take time – especially if there is need to jump back and forth between Salesforce and external applications.

With Documill Dynamo you can retain all the flexibility of annotating and editing your output documents within Salesforce. You can also ensure that whatever is sent out of the Salesforce org, the truth is always kept within the walls of Salesforce.


3.      Eliminate time spent beautifying documents

Wordsmithing customer communications and finessing documents are kryptonite to most sales people. Yet we all know that beautiful, bespoke proposals get the best response rates. Documill Dynamo enables incredible flexibility to ensure each sales output is unique and personalized through dynamic data, on the fly building from blocks of text and compiling appendices.

At the same time, Dynamo ensures that all images are automatically inserted in a document and layouts are ready-made and locked from editing. For an admin or marketing manager, this can bring a relief from a whole lot of policing, even polishing work.


4.      Works for both Mac and Windows

Document automation apps have relied on the use of major word processing tools, which tend to be Windows-based. As we know, running a Windows application on a Mac is a bit like mixing hydrogen and oxygen: the results tend to be unstable and at worst can blow up in your face.

However, with its online browser, the new Documill Dynamo is agnostic to the operating system and brings the same ease to Mac aficionados as it does to Windows users. To the both, the Documill Dynamo’s online experience makes things quicker.


Seeing is believing – try Documill Dynamo now!

So if you believe that speed matters and translates directly to more revenue, why not find out more about the new Document Dynamo at the Salesforce AppExchange – and test it for a free trial period?

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