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Get more out of Salesforce with Documill Dynamo

Dynamo is a document automation solution which helps you to generate contracts, reports, and other communication materials from Salesforce data. In this article, we explain how Dynamo helps to leverage your investment on Salesforce to fulfill the workflow automation.

1. Material creation for customer communication needs

Salesforce is an all in one solution offering everything you need to keep track on customers. With Dynamo document generation solution, you can complete the last but also the most important step of the sales cycle: interaction with your customer. Information about your customer contacts, product information, pricing and customers’ orders are already stored in Salesforce. With Dynamo, generating superior proposals is convenient, with no need for laborious and error-prone manual work. With Dynamo, producing documents happens by just a click to a button.

2. Become more efficient

Although Salesforce significantly boosts your efficiency, it limits creating dynamic documents, hindering a fully automated process. Dynamo surpasses Salesforce’s limits on generating reports and documents, and brings in more automation to reduce the number of steps needed when creating documents. With Dynamo, you can focus completely on the core activities instead of “getting the paperwork done right”.

3. Become more accountable

While Salesforce enhances accountability by monitoring the responsibilities throughout the sales funnel, Dynamo complements the accountability with persistently high-quality outcomes. When documents are generated based on the currently valid, centrally managed set of custom document templates; the outbound documents are unified and consistent, always relying on the up-to-date data and the latest version of a given template. Dynamo ensures the consistency of customer communication and minimizes those always annoying human mistakes.

4. Easy integration

Leverage from Salesforce integration ability, Dynamo also fully integrates with the most popular productivity tools and the web using the most familiar interfaces making sure you benefit immediately, without having to learn yet another new application or process!

5. Flexibility and customization

Customizing templates and the resulting content is easy with productivity tools like MS Office or using a standard web browser. – No programmers or other IT experts are needed. On the system level, Dynamo allows content creators to have better control of the data source to dynamically merge and present data in different formats like tables, lists, and charts.

6. AppExchange

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