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Get That Workflow Right the First Time – Easy as ABC

Sure, document automation is about making it possible to generate documents with a click of a button. No more human effort needs necessarily be involved.

And it can be taken much further. Documill Dynamo app for Salesforce, for example, allows fully automatizing the business processes that take place around documents. These can range from the simple things (like automated attachment adding and forwarding, quick approvals and on-the-fly translations) to just basically anything you can imagine as a Salesforce admin. The simplicity of Documill Dynamo’s logic creation section will give you effective tools to realize your vision.


Ensuring it works too – before rollout

Ok, so you have developed yourself a template with a great automation flow. You are just eager to roll it out. But before you do that, it makes sense to check that every step in it really works the way you meant, doesn’t it?

Luckily you don’t need to inspect your creation line by line with a magnifying glass. You just need to hit the arrow beside the Test (1) button and choose the Debug Mode (2). Now Documill Dynamo will check that all that logic adds up, well, with complete logic.


Below is an example of how the debug view looks. Under each step, you can see the commands (sometimes called tags) that have been checked. Errors are marked with the text Failed to resolve one or more attributes. This will save you from a lot trial, error and wasted time by helping you pinpoint all commands that need to be fixed right away.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it?


Learn more

Would you like to learn more about the ways to step up productivity with document automation? Then why not drop us a line so we can tell you more or give you a demo. Or download a free trial version of Documill Dynamo now to see, how it all works in practice.

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