Gold demo org

Gold Demo Org (GDO) provides a standard demoing environment with a completed data set and ready-made Dynamo solutions for Dynamo Partners. GDO aims to standardize our demo story and message, so that everybody, regardless of technical skill, can deliver a top-notch product demonstration. In addition, it provides each partner with their own Salesforce org, which they can use to produce a customized demo when needed, without building the data model from scratch or interfering with other people’s standard demo. GDO orgs can also be spun up for training purposes.
Customizable document-centric workflow solution for Salesforce
  • Documill is a Salesforce registered ISV partner
  • Documill is Tisax certified
  • Documill Finncham member


The gold demo org is your individual org that exists in its own right and is valid for 6-months. Once you have registered, you will be provided with a setup guide and a proven demo script.

To get your own org, please contact us at and provide us with your name and work email address.