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Head Start to Top Productivity with New Documill Dynamo

Last week we introduced here a new, ‘browser-first’ version of Documill Dynamo for Salesforce and said that it begins a new generation in the evolution of document automation solutions.

That may sound like a bit grand statement, so why did we say so? It is because we feel that so far, document automation applications have not delivered anywhere close to expectations.
The fatal shortcomings have been:

  • the laborious deployment and maintenance that has often required external help
  • limited functionality, which has left users still with a lot of manual work to do
  • restrained data security, transparency over processes and user control
  • lacking support for automation of advanced document-centric processes.

However, online and cloud technologies have come a long way now… We figured that with all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, the time is just right for bringing out something better.

Drawing from our long experience

When beginning the redesign work for Documill Dynamo, we were fully aware that it all boiled down to the user experience of the Salesforce admins and users, from the deployment of the platform to its use and maintenance.

We were able to do much of what was needed by just further developing the capabilities of Documill Dynamo. However, on certain occasions, re-engineering from the scratch was of order.
So now we have the new version available, and we’ve already seen that it really does make life a lot easier for our business users. Overall, we are speaking about these vital improvements:

  • admins can create document templates more quickly and easily, thanks to the application’s intuitive drag-and-drop-enabled interface
  • users can generate documents with just one or a few clicks, without ever leaving Salesforce
  • consistency and quality of documents is indeed very high
  • human errors can be eliminated, not just reduced
  • all document-centric processes are much more transparent and better under control.

It’s all about the money… A lot at least

But of course, while the comfort of the users is all-important, what really counts is what is shown on the bottom line. As we have discussed in an earlier article, a 2015 IDC study, with 1,518 line-of-business leaders, IT leaders, and information workers in the world’s leading economies, found that the benefits can amount to:

  • 36% increase in revenue
  • 30% reduction in cost
  • 23% reduction in business/compliance risk.

Available now for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud, the new Documill Dynamo allows fully achieving, even exceeding those benefits.

Seeing is believing – download Documill Dynamo now!

Documill Dynamo is extremely easy, quick and safe to deploy. Snappy instructions that go right to the point are available, should you need them. A library of sample templates exists to start with, easy to personalize to your specific needs.

So why not download the new Documill Dynamo now and see for yourself, how it can contribute to your productivity – and comfort too?

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