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How Customer Self-Service Communities Drive Engagement

The likelihood of your customers already expecting to have some kind of portal to engage with you is high as there has been a huge shift in customer preference to find answers and resolve problems on their own.

Customers are increasingly adopting self-service portals as their choice of communication and it’s no wonder with the ability to access information 24/7 regardless of the location. There are many advantages to giving your customers the tools to solve problems themselves.

Added convenience

Self-service portals and communities are the most convenient method of communication for your customers in many ways.

Greater accessibility to relevant information is at the heart of the added convenience. Being reliant on someone else being available wastes time and can be costly for the customer if your business does not have a Free Phone number.

It can also become a frustrating experience if the customer has to wait a long time to get served or a query resolved. An experience that businesses striving for customer satisfaction do not want to encourage.

24/7 access

What’s better than being there for your customers at any time of the day, or year? With a call centre this may not be feasible to achieve, but with customer communities, it’s all possible. Give your customer access to relevant information quickly, in a format they want to be served.

However, a thing to keep in mind is that for today’s customers everything is about mobile. With a 24/7 access comes the demand for a stellar user experience, especially on mobile so your customer portal should be geared for this for a mobile optimised experience.

Greater ROI

The added convenience of self-service also works the other way around. By not having to man a call centre 24/7, for example, you can allocate the resource elsewhere resulting in better time management and increased productivity.

By offering your customers a self-service community, you can release your agents’ time for other activities making your teams more efficient.

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