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How Efficient Is Your Email?

In a previous article, we discussed the three priorities of sending documents via email to close the deal fast. Today, we’d like to introduce you the slickest way to deliver your documents via email, triggering the emails via Salesforce workflow.

Because of our API model, you can use Salesforce Workflow & Approvals function to run the document generation process and send the document via email in the background, with no user interaction.

As an administrator, you can define a set of rules and criteria, then simply call our URL in your workflow action to trigger the document generation and distribution when the rules are met. The experience is invisible to your end users. You can set to automatically save the output document in the record for archiving. For the best communication and user experience, you can also log the email or timestamps if you wish.

There are three key benefits to using a workflow triggered solution:

  1. You don’t need to train your users or add any steps to their process, you can send the document from an action they’re already taking, a benefit that has a great impact on user adoption.
  2. The automation means that the end user doesn’t have to wait for the email to go before getting on with their work, the experience is invisible to them and so they can immediately move on to the next piece of work without any waiting.
  3. As the solution is pre-determined you can be sure of a consistent result every time, great for high pressure, high volume environments.

Would you like to learn more and get the best practices for using workflow for document automation? Feel free to contact us and install Documill Dynamo from Salesforce AppExchange.

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