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How to Accelerate a Sales Cycle

From prospecting to closing a sale, the speed of which you move between the stages can be crucial for growth.

In this article, we share 3 great examples of how to shorten the sales cycle by automating parts of the sales process to increase the agent productivity while maintaining a great level of customer service.

Prospecting stage: automatic call and email tracking

Logging calls and emails manually to Salesforce can be a time-consuming task and something that gets overlooked at when you’re busy making calls and initiating contact with your prospects. This has, however, potential to turn into a serious problem if customer data and contact history is not properly logged, making nurturing and tracking difficult.

A good way to reduce the time spent logging customer calls and emails is to use an app, such as Liid, that automatically logs these in Salesforce for you. No more manual email and call logging or manual errors so you’ll have more time to spend more with your customers and help solve their pain points.

Proposal stage: quote and contract preparing

This is often where speed is paramount. After an opportunity has expressed their interest towards your product, you want to quote them quickly and allow any contracts to be produced and closed speedily to close the sale faster.

A good way to do this is to implement a document generation App (such as Documill Dynamo) that does the leg work for your sales team. It generates a document on a predefined template and pulls the correct data from the customer record in Salesforce.

To produce a quote or even a contract, all you have to do is press a button in Salesforce, map the data fields you want and choose appendices, make any desired edits to the generated document, share it with your customer and you’re done. No typing of sums or product names on the quote and no risk of manual errors in a contract. Nothing but a quick and easy way to generate the business critical documents.

To see how this can shorten the sales cycle, get in touch to book a demo of Documill Dynamo, a document generation App for Salesforce.

Post-Purchase: nurture your existing customers

Depending who you talk to, it can be up to 5 more expensive to acquire new customers that it is to retain existing ones so automating activity in the post-purchase stage is worth considering. Making sure your existing customers are well nurtured ensures loyalty and brand advocacy.

Using Salesforce gives you a good understanding of who your customers are, what they are like and what are their motivations based on past behaviour. All this gives you an excellent opportunity to reach out to them with relevant content. Implementing marketing automation will allow you to connect with your existing customers more effectively and retain them too.

There are a variety of marketing automation Apps available for Salesforce and many do more than just nurturing, from tracking and scoring new and old prospects.

Automated call and email tracking, faster quote and contract creation and marketing automation releases time from your agents to have more of those personal conversations with your customers. With the use of Salesforce Apps, you can automate parts of the sales workflow without reducing the quality of the experience your customer receives.

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