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How to Create Amazing Presentations in Salesforce

If you work in sales, you’ll know how important it is to create engaging presentations. Whether you’re trying to achieve internal buy-in for your next project, talking to a prospective client or building a presentation deck for your next big pitch, you need to be able to create presentations that are both well-targeted and easy to put together at the same time.

So what’s the best way to do that? Use a document generation app for Salesforce, such as Documill Dynamo, to build a presentation deck in minutes using a pre-designed PowerPoint template and dynamic Salesforce data. In this article, we’ve put together detailed steps for creating personalised sales presentations from Salesforce with Documill Dynamo.

Go to the Opportunity view & click “create a presentation”

This will take you to the Dynamo template wizard from where you choose the PowerPoint template you want to use.


Salesforce presentation creation Documill


From here, you’ll get your file in seconds as it is generated based on the pre-designed PowerPoint template.

Open the generated PowerPoint presentation

Once you click through the presentation, you’ll be taken to the ready-made PowerPoint presentation where some of the data has been dynamically pulled from Salesforce. In the example below, the product name, description and unit price all come from Salesforce records, making them personal to the recipient as they have come from their Salesforce record.



Dynamic Salesforce data in PPT slides

What is neat with this particular example too is that the following slide is dynamic, based on the product you have chosen in Salesforce. So, should the product be different than “Dynamo Services Enterprise Edition”, the following slide will be different too.

To learn more, why not get a demo of Documill Dynamo?

Working with the presentation in PowerPoint

Once the presentation has been created with Documill Dynamo, you can rearrange the slides according to your preference as well as use the slide library to add more slides from existing resources. If any of the slides in the slide library are updated after you have picked them, you can easily check for the latest version and update the slide using the Documill Dynamo MS Office Add-In buttons in PowerPoint.

Documill Dynamo makes presentation creation easy – even for those who have little time in their hands to design and produce amazing looking presentations. It allows you to create a PowerPoint presentation using a pre-designed template pulling data from Salesforce where desired. You’ll also have the option to edit the presentation once it has been created so if you still want to tweak anything manually, you can.

If your customer information has already been entered in Salesforce, why manually copy it over to a presentation deck and risk manual errors, not to mention the time it takes to do this.

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