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How to Increase User Adoption of New Technology

Digitizing a business is on the rise, with the majority of businesses investing in digital technologies and 35% of technology executives investing in digital to make it part of their overall business strategy in 2015 (Accenture Technology Vision survey).

Introducing new digital technology in a business can pose a challenge in terms of user adoption if it is not as smooth as desired. When implementing new technology, it is important to remember that the challenges often arise more from people’s behaviour than technology so by managing the implementation carefully you will be able to train users for faster adoption.

In this article, we’ll cover some tips to faster user adoption so read on to find out what you can do to increase the user adoption of new technology.

Pick a solution that is easy to use

This is a real no-brainer when it comes to user adoption. By picking a solution that is genuinely easy to use and does not require days of training, will be far easier to sell to your teams than technology that is cumbersome and does not offer a good user experience. Consider asking the users at the decision-making stage to sit in a demo or play around with your shortlisted options to get a real understanding of how easy the technology is in use.

Secure influencer buy-in

Every organisation and team have people who have the potential to become your “implementation ambassadors”, spreading the word about the new solution and encouraging others to start using it. Look for the people who have the good communication and networking skills and get them onboard with the new technology first.

Consider incentives and rewards

Depending on the type of solution and use case, you may want to think about incentives and rewards for users who engage with the technology and use it as intended. If you’re implementing Salesforce for a sales team to start logging their sales activity, for example, you may benefit from introducing rewards to any number of activity logged onto the system or a record has been updated.

Demonstrate tangible benefits

This goes hand-in-hand with choosing technology that genuinely makes people’s lives easier. A good example of such technology is a document generation App for Salesforce (such as Documill Dynamo) which automates the creation of quotes, contracts and sales presentations and thus, frees up agents’ valuable time. By giving your teams a tangible benefit related to them will help to show that the new technology has been designed to help them to do their work more efficiently and hence, increase adoption.

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