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How to Make Salesforce Fully Mobile

Let us assume that you are using Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM over a mobile device. You’re visiting a customer, who has just showed you the green light to a purchase, so you can move on and close the deal. You just have to send over an offer, a draft of contract document – or maybe even the final version right away.

Close sales when on the road

You do not want to go back to the office to spend a few hours getting the document ready, right ? In fact, nearly  half of information workers usually had to in 2015, according to IDC’s study ‘The Document Disconnect’. No, you would rather just pick up your smartphone then and there, produce and send the document – and move on to the next customer and case.

The Documill Dynamo document generation application for Salesforce allows you to accomplish just that: send an automatically produced document to your customer from any place, at any time, using any device. You just have to login to Salesforce, and make a few clicks to produce the document. A couple of more clicks, and you have it sent off.

All you need is a smartphone

In fact, Documill Dynamo allows you to even edit the document, when on the move (though it can be made completely uneditable, if necessary). Documill Dynamo has an easy-to-use online editor, which works very well even in a handheld device, no matter which the operating system: Apple iOS, Android or Windows.

When it comes to sending off the document on the go, Documill Dynamo makes things much easier. You can send the document directly from the Dynamo’s online editor in an e-mail message with ready-made, customizable content.

You don’t have to go through the usual steps of saving the document in Salesforce, opening the e-mail application, composing a message, uploading the document as an attachment to it and sending it off. On a handheld smartphone, such a procedure can be quite cumbersome.

Icing on the cake: eSignature

If you add an eSignature application like DocuSign, SignNow or EchoSign to your setup, approving and signing documents becomes much easier as well, even when you’re on the move and have just your handheld phone at hand. Documill Dynamo works seamlessly with all key eSignature applications.

Deploy an easy document process with Dynamo

The prerequisite is for making it all happen is that you also figure out a standardized procedure for document production and design uniform templates for your key sales documents. Getting those things in place requires a bit of thinking and effort, but it is certainly no brain surgery or mammoth task. Plus, do it once properly and the payoff is huge: you don’t have to think about the document issues at all for a while; not until you feel the need to revise your document templates and processes.

Documill Dynamo certainly helps you achieve more and quicker with much less effort.

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