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How to Perfect Community Cloud So Customers Find What They Need

Salesforce based customer portals and communities are a great way to offer customers easy access to relevant information and documents. And in the world of engaging customers, a smooth user experience of such portals has the power to set your business apart from the rest.

Salesforce Community Cloud offers the perfect platform for creating such portals, but you may encounter problems if you have the need to serve various documents to your customers as part of the portal (like in this Documill manufacturing success story). In this article, we’ll go through how to power up the document indexing capability when using a Salesforce-based portal and what this could mean for your business.

Indexing documents in Salesforce Community Cloud

It’s essential to serve the documents in your community to your customers that are actually helpful by being relevant to them. The Community Cloud comes with its own search capability, but delivering the answers to the questions your customers are looking does not allow custom indexing. So, if a manual or bulletin is more relevant to one customer than it is to another, your customers will see the same results, regardless of the contextual link.

If your business deals with manuals or other product-specific documentation, these can become cumbersome to manage and index without the right complementary technology in Salesforce. A number of Salesforce Apps offer the ability to embed a search function within the Salesforce UI that offers more powerful document indexing capabilities and relevance to the user. (Documill Discovery enables an embedded, customisable multi-repository search experience in Salesforce UI for customer self-service portals, if you’re facing issues with document indexing).

Better user experience and cost savings

But why should you invest in an App to tackle the finding and indexing documents in the Community Cloud? The simple answer is that it can save you significant money.

Not only does it offer a better user experience which translates to happier customers, it allows you to offer support 24/7 regardless of the physical location of your customers or business and save in costs associated with customer support requests.

So if you already have built, or are in the process of building, a customer community why not ensure a better user experience with an App that complements your community? To see what this type of App could mean to your community, visit the AppExchange to learn more about the product.

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