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How to Use Search to Drive Customer Experience

According to Salesforce, 70% of buying experiences are influenced by the way a customer feels they are being treated. With this in mind, the way your customer care team makes your customers feel is paramount to delivering a great experience. But how do you make sure your team has the right tools in place to delight customers and make them feel valued?

In this article, you’ll discover how search can help you to deliver a great customer experience, what are your options for search tools and how you can overcome the common challenges when implementing an advanced search solution. So read on for why you need a powerful search that drives great customer care.

Ability to find information – is it in silos or stored centrally?

Does your customer care team need to access multiple data storages when dealing with a customer or, is all your data and documents saved in one central place? Depending on how your customer centric documents are stored, you will either have a single, solution specific search, or the need for a multi-repository search to empower your team with the right search tools.

A solution specific search offers a search capability within a solution. This means that if you have documents stored in SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence for example when your team performs a search in either service you’ll only see the documents stored in each.

A multi-repository search, on the other hand, offers a single window through all your document storages. So no matter how siloed your document management structure is, your customer care team can find the information they are looking for using a single UI, making access to relevant customer information fast and efficient.

In addition, advanced search apps such as Documill Discovery, make accessing customer data even faster by offering page level document previews, powerful filters and an easy way to pick and share the relevant documents with others.

How fast are you able to solve a customer query?

With a multi-repository search, you will be able to solve your customer queries faster as your team does not have to switch between applications to deal with customer queries and find the required documents and information. If you have a customer self-service portal in place, implementing the same multi-repository search on the portal to help customers to easily discover the information they are after allows you to deliver an even faster and better customer care experience.

Overcoming common challenges

Search quality and managing the complexity of implementation are often the biggest issues an organisation faces when looking to deploy a solution that allows indexing and serving large documents often stored in silos. However, with the right implementation plan and the right product, these challenges can easily be mitigated.

Documill Discovery provides comprehensive search results with a single search query. This ensures that existing documents located at file shares are found and used efficiently while the search quality remains high. On top of this, users have the ability to take action (share and re-use findings) based on their results. This all will be available to your customer facing teams, or even the customers themselves if you have a customer self-service portal.

Implementing an advanced search either as SaaS or on-premise service is easy. Get in touch to discuss the options and book a demo to experience Documill Discovery yourself.

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