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Keep Customer Data Safe – Easy as ABC

When negotiations over a deal get tricky, more and more new versions of the documents related to it are likely to be created. Keeping track of the latest version can easily become difficult if they get stored with different file names in different folders or even repositories. Yet, in these days of tightening customer data handling regulations, keeping track of all those versions is all-important.

So, if you are a Salesforce user, it makes sense to store all your related documents directly in Salesforce. Better still if you can easily set the documents to have a fixed file name, no matter who, where and when saves the latest version.

Documill Dynamo allows you to do this easily, as shown in the figure below. You just need to open, say, the simple quotation sample template in its editor, click Settings (1) and Save & Email (2), and:

a) choose Autosave or
b) disable editing of the file name by users.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it? In fact, why not download Documill Dynamo for free to test it right now?

By | December 21st, 2017|
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