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Money the Way You Like It – Easy as ABC

Currencies can be indicated in a variety of ways and we all have our own preference. In our automated Salesforce documents, we may want to override the Salesforce default formats. Only, doing this can turn out extremely tedious with the document generation apps available.

Unless you are using Documill Dynamo, which allows you to make such settings with a few of clicks.

Have a go for yourself: just download Documill Dynamo’s free trial version and open a sample template. Then choose Settings, Salesforce Data, and Currency.

If you want to replace a currency symbol like $, £ or with a e.g. a letter format:

  • click the three dots beside the Pattern field,
  • choose the desired currency pattern
  • delete the currency symbol placeholder (¤)
  • type a space and the currency name you want to use in letters (e.g. GBP or EUR).

Then click the Test button to see the result as it will be presented in the final Salesforce document.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it? Just see the video below!

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