Digital contracting online

Move your contract negotiations online and achieve better business results. Eliminate endless e-mail threads and version confusion. Take your contract negotiations to the 2020s and beyond with Documill Negotiate.

Project Dashboard

“It is more efficient to wrap one tool or platform around these processes of contract creation and approval.”

International Association for Contract & Commercial Management / CapGemini

Close deals faster, minimize risks & collaborate effortlessly.

Negotiate workflow

Save time and cut costs

Enforce a firm running order for all actions with Documill Negotiate’s workflow manager. Set clear roles and tasks for all contract collaborators, internal and external. Reduce cycle time and know the status of every contract.

Rich document collaboration

Make communication easy & clear

Lengthy e-mail threads with attachments lead quickly to confusion. With Documill Negotiate’s online collaboration engine, you can avoid this and carry out your negotiation online, in real time from start to finish.

Rich document collaboration

Ensure integrity & compliance…

Import any standard contract template or draft into your project. All your conversations and changes will be recorded in it. Upon signing, deliver a clean version of the contract or​​​​​​ a full audit trail to any recipient.

Document collaboration in real time

Collaborate quickly in real time

With Documill Negotiate, everybody can discuss and edit the details of the contract simultaneously. All changes and comments are shown immediately and saved securely. When ready, seal the perfect win-win with an e-signature.


…but keep it flexible

During a negotiation, you may need to turn to yet new experts for input, guidance or approval. Easily add them on the fly to help out with a specified task.


Keep schedule with automation

Automated reminders will be sent out to each collaborator whenever their next task is due. Still want to ensure that it all happens in due time? Simply check it out in your project dashboard.


Just use it!

Documill Negotiate is just a sign-in away.
Putting it to good use is just minutes away, thanks to its simple online collaboration engine.
Its intuitive workflow manager gets you going right away with ready-made, tailorable workflows.

Eliminating bottlenecks in contracting can bring:


increase in revenue


cost reduction


risk reduction.

Make your teams work as one


Documill Negotiate allows you to streamline and optimize your contracting workflow – and your customers’, too. Close deals faster and reach your quota more quickly. Receive alerts for all changes and comments in the contract.

Customer Success

Give your customer success team access to review, comment and approve contract details. Make work smoother for them: ensure that everyone knows what was agreed to when. Get the whole delivery right, not just the contract.

Legal & compliance

Focus on legal work and minimize risk. Add value, not paperwork. Documill Negotiate streamlines the review and redlining process, automates approval workflows and enhances control with powerful reporting, alerts and user rights.


Your procurement team is all concerned about controlling the price, conditions and risks of purchases. And how can you easily submit a third-party contract to your own contracting workflow? Right, with Documill Negotiate.


Everyone agrees.
The easiest, most powerful contract negotiation solution.

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