“The standard collaboration, offered by 90% of the tools, is an email exchange plus check in/check out
of documents… The most advanced allow parties to negotiate in real time and with transparency and to benefit from e-signature.”

International Association for Contract & Commercial Management / CapGemini

Whole workflow in one platform






Standardize agreements with templates

Choose one or more pre-approved contract templates for your project. Or upload a 3rd party paper with styles and formatting intact, including headers and footers, heading numbering, list styles and table of contents.

Streamline contracting with workflows

Build, personalize and deploy your workflow in minutes with our intuitive workflow manager. Add internal and external collaborators and set their user rights and tasks.

Hassle-free internal contract review

Your team can now set to work on the agreement, assured that they are editing the same version throughout the project. They can all make changes simultaneously and see them in real time, whether it is about content or annotations.


Share and negotiate with all stakeholders

Empower users and teams to collaborate using our leading online collaboration engine. Your workflow will invite all internal and external stakeholders to negotiate. Add new collaborators on the fly when needed.

Seamless, efficient collaboration

All comments and redlines are visible in real time based on the roles and rights of each user. Equally important, any change can be set to require approval and tracked, eliminating confusion and shortening turnaround time.

Keep sensitive comments to your team

Every negotiation requires internal and external collaboration. Keep communication clear using ​​context-specific comments. Show sensitive comments to your team ​​only and let your external counterparts do the same.


Automate approvals

Our workflow manager will automatically alert, track and require that all approvals received before a contract moves on to the next phase. No need to waste time chasing people or sending emails back and forth!

Instant feedback

Get requests for changes from your managers instantly. Ensure a quick turnaround of corrections and speed up the final approval.

Know the status and ensure compliance

Get clear visibility to the whole contracting process. Know immediately when to act if the process gets stalled or a deadline may be missed. The workflow will automatically remind all stakeholders about open tasks and deadlines.


Fully integrated e-signing

So every detail is agreed for a perfect win-win? Let the workflow now send the contract off to be signed and close it.

Deliver contract​​

Once the contract has been signed by all parties, notifications to download a clean copy will be automatically sent out to all stakeholders entitled.

Keep a complete audit trail

When you need to address compliance reviews, rest assured that you have a comprehensive audit trail for every contract you have made. You can give access to it also to any ​​approver or collaborator​​.

Partnership agreement customer signature



Keep your contracts and templates together with other customer data. Store and access them directly in the world’s number one Customer Success Platform. Sign in to Documill Negotiate using your Salesforce credentials and get notifications directly in your Salesforce task list or Chatter feed.

Slack and email

Are you using Slack for workplace conversations? Get all your alerts on contracting directly in it, so you won’t miss a single of them. Documill Negotiate can also deliver the alerts to any email application, from MS Outlook to Apple Mail.


Are you using Google Drive as your content repository? Then save also your contracts there and sign in using your Google credentials. And of course, get alerts for tasks and changes directly in your Gmail.


If you are a Microsoft devotee, just store and access your contracts directly in MS OneDrive or SharePoint and use single sign-in. Related alerts will come to MS Outlook, soon to Skype and MS Teams, too. Import and export MS Word documents without the loss of a single redline, comment or style.

Start now making better contracts faster!