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Our Learnings From The Oracle Cloud Day

The event’s goal was to show Oracle’s commitment to the cloud and it had a diverse program containing a keynote for all the attendees and a variety of sessions for IT and business professionals (scroll below for the sessions’ abstracts and a link to the presentations).

During the keynote Oracle introduced new releases that were showed earlier this fall at the OpenWorld conference, Oracle’s biggest event gathering more than 60 thousand visitors. Also Oracle customers Finnair and Skanska presented their cases for digital transformation.

Tino Scholman, VP of Oracle Cloud in the EMEA region, challenged other cloud platform market leaders by presenting Oracle Cloud as the best of breed solution suite in PaaS, SaaS as well as IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) areas.

The main discussion topics of the conference were business digitalisation, Internet of Things, Private Cloud and Application development in the cloud. Business digitalisation suggests many use cases of the platform, including moving business intelligence, production workloads, big data and document sharing to the cloud. The speakers at the sessions showcased the cloud platform capabilities that involve a variety of areas, such as enterprise management and resource planning, Internet of Things, business analytics, data management, etc.

As a proud Gold Level partner of Oracle we were happy to attend the Cloud Day and present Documill Discovery, our enterprise search solution that enables searching and previewing documents across multiple data repositories.

If you would like to know more about Documill, please contact sales@documill.com

All presentations from the Oracle Cloud Day in Helsinki can be found here

Track Description:
Developers want to build new applications, extend existing ones, and easily move on-premises workloads to the cloud with no application changes or new tools to learn. Likewise they need to collaborate closely with IT Operations and Lines of Business to deliver on their priorities. Listen tothese sessions to gain insights into Oracle’s New Cloud Platform for Application Development that enable developers to easily and rapidly develop, test and deploy web and mobile applications with integrated data management.

Track Keynote: Taking Java to the Cloud: App Servers, Java SE and Polyglot Services
Many enterprises have large estates of Java apps running on WebLogic Server (and other industry Java servers) in their data centers. A challenge they increasing face is the ability to shift these established workloads to the cloud for greater operational efficiencies and faster time to delivery of those applications. At the same time many others are looking to the rapid growth of polyglot development frameworks built around Java SE, Node and others centered around microservice architectures with continuous delivery solutions to deliver their next generation applications. How should an enterprise deal with this duality? Join us to see how Oracle Cloud capabilities like Java Cloud Service, Java Standard Edition Cloud Service and Node Cloud Service provide a pragmatic approach for taking your Java applications and their many advantages to the cloud.

Quickly Build and Deploy Database Apps in the Cloud with Oracle Application Express (APEX)
What if you could rapidly build state-of-the-art web and mobile applications using a standard web browser interface, and not write a single line of CSS or Javascript? Learn how Oracle Application Express, a powerful application development environment that’s included with Oracle Database Cloud Service, simplifies the application development cycle – taking you from prototype to production in minutes. Select from a variety of packaged production-ready business apps that can be installed with a few clicks and refined to meet your business needs. APEX also lets you create RESTful web services to access your data and build or run mobile and web apps outside the cloud using simple APIs.

Cross-platform mobile development (Futurice)
Most of the organizations with a need for multi-platform deployment of mobile connected apps sooner or later facing a technological choice – developing all native or cross-platform solution. The choice is definitely not the easy one, because it is a combination of technological, economical, resourcing and application life cycle factors. Join this talk to learn more about our first-hand experience on making such decisions, the consequences, our approach and guidelines when to choose one of those: hybrid web solutions, Xamarin, Unity or all native development.

Making DevOps Really Work
From hardcore Java EE programming to adopting microservice architecture as the norm, DevOps processes are key to getting a lot more done more efficiently. But actually making it happen necessitates both a technical and cultural change for a new level of collaboration across development, QA and operations. In this session, you’ll learn some of the core technical and cultural shifts you need to keep in mind, and how Oracle is providing tools and technology to support you as you streamline your unique development, management and operational processes.

Track Description
For over 35 years, Oracle has led the charge for technology innovations that have helped IT organizations power through many transformations. Designed entirely for IT Operations including IT managers responsible for security, integration and management of IT, IT architects who set standards and select new technologies for IT, and applications and database administrators, this track provides key solutions and many best practice tools to help you get a clear understanding of how the cloud platform can work for you to rapidly deploy and easily manage new and existing applications while seamlessly benefiting from advanced platform capabilities including high availability, security, mobility, big data analytics, multi-tenancy, and more. Only Oracle Cloud Platform provides a complete and integrated portfolio of services to help you achieve these objectives with minimal disruption using the technologies you trust and skills you already have. Using it, you will respond faster to business demands while also meeting your budgetary and resource constraints and the best part is, with Oracle, you will be ready to tackle the next big challenge when it comes.

Track Keynote: Comprehensive Data Management: Do it in the Cloud
This session covers the full suite of cloud data management capabilities that let you dial in the right capacity and service levels meeting database and application needs and enabling IT to benefit from improved agility, speed and lower cost. Whether you need a schema for departmental apps, a full-instance database for enterprise apps or the full power of our Exadata Service to run mission-critical apps, or build a hadoop cluster, our databases can be provisioned in minutes to improve business agility. Extensive cloud tooling automates key administrative tasks and reduces operating expenses. The Oracle Database runs exactly the same in the cloud as it does on-premises, enabling full portability with a hybrid cloud model that protects your investments. Join us and learn about the comprehensive data management capabilities offered in the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Cloud and On-premises Integration: Connecting Your Business for Faster Time to Market
The explosive growth of SaaS applications combined with existing on-premises integration challenges are likely to slow the pace of innovation and time-to-market for businesses that attempt to integrate the old way. Attend this session to learn more about Oracle’s Cloud Platform for Integration and watch a demonstration. Hear how Oracle customers are deploying new Oracle Cloud-based integrations to securely connect cloud applications to on-premises systems, manage APIs, move and replicate big data, and even connect IoT devices.

A Fast, Simple and Secure Way to Move Databases and Applications to the Cloud
Need an easier way to move to the cloud for greater agility, adding capacity on demand, and cost-savings? Now you can quickly and securely lift and shift your Oracle databases and apps to Oracle Cloud Platform. This process becomes even easier with Oracle Multitenant, now available for Oracle Database 12c and Java applications. Learn how you can move database and application workloads from on-premises to the cloud with a few clicks and manage them with a single pane of glass. Oracle technology runs exactly the same in the cloud as it does on-premises so there’s no need for additional tools or training to manage your database and apps once they’re in the cloud.

Accelerate Business Value from Big Data by Leveraging Cloud
Big data is a natural fit for the cloud, where your environment can rapidly scale to handle the huge volumes of data generated by and about your business. In this session we’ll focus on two key components of leveraging big data in the cloud. First, we’ll look at how to generate new insights from data managed in multiple platforms including Hadoop and Oracle database. Second, we’ll look at how to operationalize this new insight into existing processes, reports and applications. Because what you learn from big data needs to be acted upon to change the way you do business.

Cost-effective, Risk-free Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c using Oracle Database Cloud Service
Like most organizations you understand the value of Oracle Database 12c innovations, but may be hesitant to upgrade due to concerns around evaluation time, costs and perceived risk. Oracle Database Cloud Service gives you an easy way to try out your applications using the full suite of Oracle Database 12c capabilities and accelerate your migration process. Learn how you can test unparalleled database innovations like Oracle Database In-Memory, Oracle Multitenant, maximum availability and security features in a risk-free environment using an economical cloud subscription model that eliminates the cost of on-premises infrastructure and licenses.

Track Description:
The technologies that have become a part of our everyday lives – like social, mobile and cloud – are now changing the way we do business. Digital business is about using any digital technology to promote, sell and enable enhanced and innovative products, services and experiences. Using these technologies together, our customers have been able to out think and out perform their competition with greater agility and operational efficiency, while providing better visibility and improved customer experience. Learn how Oracle powers the Digital Business with its Cloud platform to improve workplace mobility, productivity and innovation with Cloud content and collaboration, drive new business insights, integrate and extend SaaS applications, deliver rapid process automation and application development for business users and ultimately drive new transformative business models.

Track Keynote:
PaaS for SaaS – Extend, Integrate, Analyze
Becoming a digital business is an imperative for all organizations to deliver the next wave of revenue growth, service excellence and brand loyalty. Today’s enterprises want to build and host web applications in a faster and simpler way, to provide excellent customer experiences with state of the art web and mobile apps that leap frog the competition and speed time to market and free up developers and IT staff to focus on more value added operations. Attend this session to learn how you can build extensions to SaaS Applications to provide additional functionality, integrate Oracle SaaS Applications with on-premise Oracle or non-Oracle Applications and utilize a rich pre-packaged analytic model and out of the box dashboards to address your analytic and reporting needs.

Driving Digital Disruption Through Analytics
Disruption of business models and processes in every industry is occurring quickly and requires analytics to produce impact and meaningful results. Does your analytics platform help you discover business insight, or leave you searching for answers? Do you need an easier and faster way to gain insights to help you transform your business?

Business users are now able to sit in the driver’s seat and leverage the agility and flexibility of their Analytics Cloud platform to gain new insights – not just by analyzing corporate data, but also by bringing local files into the analysis. Powerful new visualizations, data mashups, and a truly intuitive user interface are just a few of the latest capabilities in you will hear about in this session. Learn how to be a true explorer of your business with Oracle Analytics Cloud.

3 Ways to Power Workplace Collaboration, Mobility and Productivity
According to a recent IDC report, about 90% of information workers collaborate with colleagues and people outside their organization on a weekly basis. And yet concerns around security, content mobility and information fragmentation deter organizations from adopting a long term collaboration solution. The digital workplace of today requires going beyond simple file sharing in the cloud to deliver the next wave of productivity, efficiency and workgroup innovation. Organizations now demand services that bring together content, people, process and communications to enable better and faster decisions, and accelerate how work gets done. Learn about Oracle’s integrated productivity suite of cloud services that enable business users to easily collaborate anywhere, simplify business automation and communicate more effectively.

Mobile: The Heart of Your Digital Transformation OR
The Mobile Revolution – Time to Embrace the Change
By year-end 2015, half the world’s population will have a powerful computer in their pockets – their mobile phone. Recent studies reveal the mobile app market is now influencing more than $500 billion in sales and what’s more compelling is that the mobile app market is daring to be an even bigger revolution than the Internet. Digital leaders have quickly realized that mobile, if used effectively, can change the game in their industry. The key to success is having a comprehensive, secure, flexible and open mobile strategy that drives mobile ROI. Mobile is the primary screen and at the core of any digital strategy, in this session you will gain the insights and learn how you can develop an end-to-end enterprise mobile strategy, increase your mobile ROI and build your competitive advantage.

The Internet of Things: Transforming Business
Things all around us are getting more capable and connected, in the home, our vehicles and even the office, driving dramatic growth in the amount of data from an increasing diversity of intelligent devices and the Internet of Things. IoT presents a huge opportunity to transform and differentiate your business, whether you are in manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure or other verticals by requiring you to securely manage and integrate the complex array of data existing applications and processes, and apply analytics to identify new value and insights. Join this session to learn how these requirements can be met with a robust, scalable IoT PaaS enabling your business to achieve the promise of IoT and drive shorter time to value.

Track Description:
More and more organizations are moving towards implementing a Private Cloud. This means that enterprise IT departments are transforming themselves in to cloud service providers, to leverage the value and benefits of a cloud, such as simplified IT operations, reduced costs, and greater business agility and flexibility. Come and see how you can become a Cloud Builder for your business and deliver the true benefits of cloud behind your firewall.

Track Keynote:
Accelerate IT Efficiency and Business Innovation When you Deliver Database as a Service in a Private Cloud
Learn how you can deploy Oracle’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions which can offer full portability between on-premises and cloud environments. Not only does Oracle Database’s multitenant architecture lower acquisition costs with the ability to manage more databases with less resources as a result of higher consolidation density –it also reduces administration costs by simplifying database provisioning to ensure greater agility with rapid provisioning, cloning and migration –all with no changes to your applications. If you’re looking for cost effective ways to accelerate IT and transform your business, look no further, Oracle Multitenant along with Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Enterprise Manager offer the right solution.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Private Cloud
Only Oracle is delivering a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure stack for Cloud that maximizes performance and operating efficiency while minimizing risk. Learn why only Oracle allows you to develop and deploy private and public clouds on the same optimized technology stack. This session will examine how Oracle’s unmatched R&D efforts have created a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure stack that delivers unique technical and business advantages for Cloud through uniquely optimized Engineered Systems, servers and storage.

Oracle Storage: Foundation for Your Private Cloud and Gateway to Public Cloud
When building a private cloud for your Oracle environment, Oracle’s application engineered storage portfolio provides the optimal high performance and low cost solution to meet NAS, All-Flash and archival requirements. With Oracle storage you gain unique business benefits not available with other vendor’s storage systems, including Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression to reduce your capacity requirements and overall TCO. In addition, Oracle storage gives you direct access to Oracle Database Backup Service, Oracle Storage Cloud and Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Services for cloud bursting to address an unexpected data surge or for cold data archiving to comply with legal or business requirements.

Drive Agility and Efficiency through Self-Service IT
Implementing a standard service catalog can be a powerful way for IT organizations to speed service delivery while minimizing costs and complexity. Join us in this session to learn key private cloud techniques such as building a service catalog, consolidation planning, workload migration and provisioning automation, which form the foundation for a solid self-service strategy for your IT organization.

Maximize your Private Cloud Investment with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
The consolidation of physical servers onto virtual instances in private, public, and hybrid clouds is now standard procedure. So how can you maximize the value of your investments and simplify complexity in this rapidly changing model? You can do this by leveraging open source technologies like Docker, OpenStack, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM Server. Whether you are planning to run a traditional physical deployment or a virtualized implementation for your cloud, you will learn use cases and best practices on implementing the latest technologies for your modern cloud-enabled data center.

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