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Protect Your Company Data – Easy as ABC

Oftentimes, companies would like to exert strict control over employees’ access to data as well as its transfer and storage. A study conducted by Vanson Bourne  in 2017 found that 48% of the organizations they interviewed saw employees as one of their biggest security risks; however, 38% said they have no control over where company data goes and where it is stored.

Employees, too, tend to consider worrying about data safety as an unnecessary burden when doing their daily tasks – especially when working out of the office.

Documill Dynamo document automation app for Salesforce helps firmly control data and its movements. Your data can be kept within Salesforce – users do not have to export it to process it, even when creating documents, emails or reports. Instead, they can do all document editing within Salesforce (you can easily disallow editing, too). All document versions are stored in Salesforce with proper version control, while the final versions can be produced in fully encryptable pdf format.

What’s more, adjusting such settings is a breeze with Documill Dynamo, as shown in the figure below. Just open, say, the simple quotation sample template in its editor and then:

  1. click Settings
  2. click Save & Email
  3. choose Autosave and
  4. choose to save new document as a new version of the existing file.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it?

In fact, why not download Documill Dynamo for free to test it right now?

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