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Salesforce 4.0: holistic end-to-end document automation process for 2020. Are you there yet?

It’s now the very end of 2019. You must have known what is Salesforce CRM? Congrats if you’re using it, this is for you.  

What is your current process of document generation and document automation within Salesforce? Is your process the most optimal? Is there anything out there you could and should make use of?  

To make sure you’re absolutely on track for the latest technologies, why don’t you take a look at our expert advice below on the most optimal document automation process and why we think it’s the way to go for industry 4.0 in 2020.  

Year 2020 is now at our doorstep, are you ready to take your work process to the next level – more streamlined, compliant and effective? 

But it’s not just that, we have great news! Look no further, you don’t have to find the solution anywhere else. In new 2020, all this holistic end-to-end document automation process is fully supported and powered by Documill Dynamo. Stay tuned for 2020, it’s gonna be exciting! More to come in beginning 2020, make sure you’re not gonna miss it. Meanwhile, feel free to drop by to exchange some more ideas with us!

About Documill Dynamo 

The easiest way to create high-quality documents in Salesforce with advanced document solutions. Available for download on Salesforce AppExchange with 30-day free trial. 

Would like a piece of advice for your own document automation solution? Talk to us to request an initial consulting session!

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