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Salesforce Admins Drive Sales Evolution

We are witnessing rapid evolution in B2B sales processes. And, since the evolution is driven by development of CRM systems like Salesforce, we believe that it is the CRM administrators, who will take the driver’s seat in implementing the evolutionary steps in practice and keeping them running.

Of course, it is all about the continuous drive to provide increased productivity and customer satisfaction in the highly competitive environment. CRM platforms like Salesforce are getting new enhancements at a steady phase: capability to chew even bigger amounts of customer data, more sophisticated analytics tools for processing it and increased automation for handling routine tasks and managing workflows. We are witnessing also the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Collaboration over documents makes up a fair share of all sales activities. Let us look in more detail how we see this area evolving – and why we see the CRM administrators as its key drivers.

More collaboration on documents – internally and externally

What exactly are the fundamental evolutionary changes now taking place? To put it shortly, we believe that they are the following:

  • Amount of data processed by businesses is growing
  • More, deeper expertise is needed in all competence areas within sales, from IT professionals to legal advisors to reps
  • Business will get more networked and tighter collaboration will be required between companies
  • Automation will evolve – and happen increasingly between systems of partnering companies
  • Sales documents like contracts will get more complex.

Networked reality

To give one practical example of how collaboration is evolving: say, a manufacturing company needs new workers. So a partnering HR company will be alerted to start finding candidates. Collaborative steps between the companies will take place in choosing the best person to be recruited among the applicants, based more and more on automated workflows.

Other players will also be likely to take part in the collaboration, depending on which skills the manufacturer has kept in-house and which it has outsourced. There may be a law firm to ensure legal compliance at various steps. An eSignature service will be used to make it easy for the employer and employee to sign the final contract. And yet other collaborators may step in to help with the onboarding of the new worker and getting the right tools in place. And so forth.

Growing need for collaboration

Indeed, collaboration over company borders is already commonplace. Over time it will happen more and more directly between the IT systems of the partnering companies, but let’s leave that for now.

Already today data and documents are already flying will fly back and forth between the systems of the partnering companies, and they will do increasingly so. On both sides, it is crucial that the companies have the technology and processes in place to enable quick contribution opportunities for individual participants in the process. Also, transparency to each of it steps is important, to ensure proper control for administrators and the sales management.

Power to Salesforce admins – with Documill Dynamo

Documill Dynamo document automation application for Salesforce has been designed with today’s and tomorrow’s collaboration needs in mind. It enables:

  • Full control over document generation and related workflows
    • control over users’ rights to access and edit content editing rights (via Salesforce’s user management)
    • capability to lock any section of document from editing
  • Shorter lead times
    • document creation can be completely automated for users
    • document circulation workflows can be automated in line with company’s business rules
  • More effective collaboration
    • internally aided by chatter and email for notifications
    • externally via email and eSignature app (like DocuSign)
  • High document quality
    • high, consistent quality of document layouts, in line with brand guidelines
    • errors minimized
  • Creation of relevant content for all target audiences
    • support for audience-specific versions of documents
    • multilingual support

To learn more about Dynamo, just take a closer look right now – or book a demo!

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