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What Makes Salesforce Great?

Salesforce is well-known by its impressive level of customer success and it has been adopted by some of the leading companies across the word. In this article, we list 5 key reasons why companies that use Salesforce are successful among their customers.

1. It’s all about your customers

Salesforce is an all-in-one solution offering everything you need to find and keep a customer by providing a 360-degree view of a customer at one place. Knowing the relationship status with a customer and a customer’s history, helps your account planning tremendously. Develop customer strategies and action plans with complete to-do task lists. Or track the amount of time spent on each account and the outcome of your efforts. Salesforce enables you to efficiently manage and understand your customer, making cross-selling and upselling a child’s play.

2. It promotes efficiency

Salesforce standardizes manual processes and brings about significant work efficiencies. By checking the “Opportunities” tab in Salesforce, you can focus on and prioritize current and potential opportunities. You can modify your own dashboard view to show the most critical information personalized to you. You can use information on trend analyses, forecasts and generate more sales via efficient use of leads. You can easily update data and create reports.

3. You’ll get accountability

By monitoring activities throughout the customer life cycle, Salesforce helps the employees across departments understand their customer responsibilities. It is easy to identify what went wrong, at which phase and how to fix it.
Any information updated will be synced to all relevant fields in Salesforce. In a nutshell, Salesforce increases the accountability within your team regardless of its size. However, in order to promote your organization’s accountability towards your customers, you will also need to make sure that all outbound customer communication, written and verbal, is unified. For the written part, and that is mostly documents like offers, agreements and statements, you need to ensure – often manually – that what goes out are the latest versions based on most up-to-date templates. Of course, those templates would be populated with the up to date data from Salesforce.

4. Seamless integration

Salesforce can be seamlessly integrated with another system like Microsoft SharePoint or Box. Make your company more customer-centric by having all the customer and operations data in one place. For example, you can use email integration to synchronize contacts, events, tasks between Salesforce and MS Outlook and automate the email based communication process to its full potential.

5. It’s flexible and highly customizable

Salesforce’s flexibility and customization capabilities easily cover 90% of needs of different organizations. It allows companies to focus on using certain key functionalities, and tailor them according to their business model and specific needs. And as Salesforce is a cloud service, employees can access it at any time, from anywhere.

If you find yourself limited with Salesforce’s standard capability, however, there are a plenty of Apps available on the Salesforce App Exchange. By using different Apps, you can customise Salesforce and make sure it works for you and your business needs. If you want to enhance quote generation and document generation for example, Documill Dynamo will have you covered. Learn more about Dynamo, or book a demo to see how you can make your life easier by having a document generation App installed in Salesforce.

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