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Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2017 Review

The Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam took place in Amsterdam last week, bringing together over 5,000 attendees. The day was filled with inspirational discussions, meeting new people and exciting sessions.

A special highlight of the day was a Keynote by Tony Prophet, Salesforce´s Chief Equality Officer. As always, Salesforce is consistent with their message that evolves around Connectivity, Mobility, Productivity, and Speed. The keynote is traditionally dedicated to celebrating Customers and Partners of Salesforce. This time in Amsterdam was no exception: our team got inspired by great examples of ING, KLM, and non-profits that benefit from Salesforce.

At Documill, we are very excited to bring Salesforce message into our value proposition, helping customers become truly connected sales-driven organisations. In addition, we thoroughly embrace the idea that equality in rights and pay at workplace becomes more and more important topic for Salesforce community.

Our key takeaways from the day were:

  • We were extremely excited to sponsor the World Tour for the first time. And it was definitely worth it! We took away a lot of meaningful conversations with partners and potential customers. It was also a great pleasure to meet our Dutch customers and partners in person.
  • The amazing growth of Salesforce customers and partners. We love our Dutch customers and partners, so we are often flying from Finland to visit the events in the Netherlands. It was great to see the number of new customers walking around the RAI center last week. Salesforce ecosystem is growing constantly and our team is happy to be a part of this buzzing hub of experience and knowledge.
  • Content delivered at the World Tour breakout sessions. While Documill team was mainly busy talking to visitors at our booth, some of us got a chance to attend breakout sessions. We were especially interested to learn from industry experts in Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecommunications.
  • And last but not least, the respect that goes for all Salesforce partners who spent the whole day working at the booth : )

The World Tours are a great way to learn about new apps and possibilities in Salesforce. We had good talks about why document automation in Salesforce is such a powerful thing and simply had fun enjoying the inspirational atmosphere!

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