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Secure & Effortless Document Access for Remote Working

If you ever have the need to work on the go, finding and viewing documents related to your customer or other CRM object on mobile can be challenging.

Accessing multiple cloud services is inefficient and even with the option to zoom in to make a section larger, you’ll end up scrolling up and down significantly lowering the user experience of viewing documents when you’re away from your desk. Or, problems may arise if you don’t have the right technology downloaded on your mobile device to view a document of a certain format.

In this article, we’ll explain how Documill Discovery takes the pain out of viewing customer documents on a mobile device and how it allows having a single view of documents stored outside your CRM, banishing that frustrating user experience once and for all.

Compatible with a variety of solutions

Discovery connects to a variety of content repositories including Salesforce, Google Drive, Google Storage, Box.net, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Amazon S3 API compatible services, DreamObjects, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows File Shares and more.

So if not all your documents are stored in your CRM, you can still access these from your CRM interface on a mobile device. Discovery offers a seamless experience serving contextually relevant documents to the user, regardless of where the documents are stored – and regardless of the device used.

So, whether your documents are stored in a few services or in many, Discovery finds the information you’re looking for in an instant. It works in the cloud and behind an organisation’s firewall delivered as SaaS or on premise based service depending on your requirements.

Effortless viewing experience

When working remotely without access to a desktop PC, being able to view your customer documents in a CRM effortlessly takes your productivity to a whole new level.

With Discovery, there is no need for plug-ins or viewers to view documents in different formats. You are able to view all document types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML right in a mobile browser so there’s no need to switch between applications or download additional software.

Even when you’re working on the go, the document will scale and fit perfectly on any screen size. This offers a fast and secure access to content without having to install or download external document viewers.

Learn more about the benefits of Documill Discovery and the supported file types and book a demo of Documill Discovery to see how can help your document viewing experience when working on a mobile device.

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