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Speed Up Sales to Healthcare Companies with High Quality Documents

A recent paper by Deloitte states that overall complexity is likely to increase in sales of pharmaceutics and medical devices in the near future (“Delivering medical innovation in a value-based world”, Deloitte 2016).

Future of healthcare: big data, complex documents

For one thing, there is the ongoing emergence of big data. For suppliers of healthcare companies, it is likely to grow to even bigger proportions and get scattered in a quite number of databases. There will be more customer-related data to support sales professionals in doing business.

In the meantime, sales professionals need to access the data and act upon it increasingly while on the move.

And there is the emergence of new business models with, say, risk-sharing agreements that tie payment for a drug or device to its ability to achieve a result. These are going to be reflected in the content of sales documents. Tenders and contracts can be expected to get more complex and laborious to produce.

Data available everywhere – but what about documents

CRM platforms like Salesforce make such data easily available and help turning it into a competitive advantage even when its amount and granularity is growing. With proper integrations in place, it can be made available anywhere in a user-friendly format, even if there are many databases it is stored in, as is usually the case in the field of healthcare.

But what about production of documents tailored to customers – those tenders, agreements and so forth? Often they still remain a hindrance or even a bottleneck in a process that has otherwise goes smoothly. Even worse, they may contain costly errors.

Key benefits of document automation: speed, mobility, accuracy

Indeed, one important enhancement to Salesforce’s capabilities is to add a proper document automation application. It can help pharmaceutics companies and medical device manufacturers in the following ways.

  • Increased speed: you do not have to spend time inserting each and every data point yourself in the document and finding the right the wordings. A good document automation application can do all that for you with just a click of a button or two, so you have more time to concentrate on your customers and business.
  • Errors minimized: eliminate manual work, and you eliminate a lot of mistakes. The medical devices are getting ever more refined, the drugs more effective and the penalty clauses in related contracts stricter. Data errors in documents can cost dearly, so it is best just to get rid of them.
  • 100% mobility: Even with a handheld device, Salesforce can deliver you the data you need anywhere you go, so you can use it to the best effect. But producing documents can still be clumsy even on your latest flagship mobile device. That is, if you don’t add a document automation application that allows doing it all with just one click, or just a few – depending on how much freedom you want to have for fine-tuning the document.

Documill Dynamo is a document application that gives you the benefits above. It is also designed to meet tomorrow’s requirements to cope with ever-growing amounts of data and complexity documents. Why not book a demo of it right now?

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