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The App Race Reaches The Cloud – Opens New Markets for Finnish Companies

Documill’s Terho Laakso (above left) was interviewed last week in Finnish business and technology weekly Tekniikka ja Talous, together with Salesforce’s Patrik Ros (above right). His message was clear: co-operation between Salesforce and Documill is a win-win. Laakso says that choices have to be made on which platform to support, as each one requires specific development resources.

Read the whole article as a translation below (or check out the Finnish original).

A whole new channel has opened for Finnish software companies to market and sell their products on the multitenant cloud service platforms, provided by information technology giants such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce.com.

On Tuesday, Finnish security company F-Secure announced it would bring virus scan service for documents on the Salesforce cloud platform.

Applications for Salesforce have been previously published by Documill, Fingertip, Liidi and Zero Keyboard, among many other players.

Terho Laakso, VP of business development at Documill, Espoo-based document automation solution provider, says that joining the Salesforce ecosystem brought visibility to the products of the company.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and Salesforce invite application developers to participate in their events, because promoting the sale of applications is also in their interest.

“Our software is a tightly integrated part of the Salesforce experience,” says Terho Laakso.

Salesforce checks the functionality of the applications and certifies them for information security, so the publishing process takes time.

Patrik Ros, Account Executive at Salesforce Nordics, says that the Salesforce cloud has already four million installed applications. But it all has not happened overnight, for the AppExchange application service was opened as early as ten years ago.

“Our initial strategy was to go mobile first. It was followed by ‘API’ (Application Program Interfaces) first approach”, says Patrik Ros, who has worked for the company for seven years.

“We do not have any secret interfaces.”

At that time, Finnish Kone among other companies adopted Salesforce for the customer data management (CRM) platform, and now the two companies are building Kone’s field service guidance on top of Salesforce.

Microsoft also wants to open its Office 365 and SharePoint cloud platforms for applications. The Finnish startup Apped, for instance, has built on Office 365 the Pulse application that monitors workers’ moods and the Meetz application that facilitates organizing of meetings, which is still under development.

Microsoft relies especially on the fact that the Azure cloud is widely used by application developers. A survey commissioned by Microsoft’s partner Edera Partners said that 43 percent of Finnish organizations that use public cloud services use Azure.

Helsinki-based company Gapps, in turn, has managed to get its intranet application to be distributed by Google’s cloud services.

According to Google, a large number of Finnish companies has secured distribution for their applications via the company’s cloud platform, including Neste, Techila, Netcycler, Zef and Qvik.

Industrial giants are also entering the cloud application distribution markets, including Siemens, whose CEO Janne Öhman told that the Finnish market place will open later this year.

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