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The Easiest Document Automation App Just Got Easier!

Over the last summer, we added a few new functionalities to our document automation application Documill Dynamo – and enhanced some existing ones, too. Our vision in developing the application is to keep it as the easiest-to-use, yet the most versatile application of its kind and this is also what the new additions aim to do.

So let us now walk you through the new features.

More detailed data source view

The Salesforce Data Source view in the right-hand-side pane of Documill Dynamo shows, which records the dynamic data is brought from to each field in the document. It has been redesigned so it shows more detail and is organized more logically. Adding new dynamic fields is now easier and so is tracing back where your dynamic data is coming from.

Records, Related List Records and Related Lists are shown separately, and new Queries and Images sections have been added, the latter with a cool new feature…


…Drag-and-drop images!

In the new Salesforce data view, it has been made possible to just pick images in the right-hand pane and drag and drop them on the document.

Here is how it works: you save an image under Files in Salesforce and generate a public link. Then you just go back to the Documill Dynamo template builder and see the image sitting there in the pane on the right under Salesforce -> Images, ready for you to use.

Because this method uses public links, we have retained the option to add images via a dynamic Salesforce link in case you want to keep the link secret. Also, images can still be directly uploaded to documents, but for this method, we have reduced the image size to 20 kB. This is to ensure faster template processing.


Logic visualization and flow debugging

In the advanced UI where the development of the automation flows takes place, logic steps are now easier to follow, thanks to a new, clearer design given to the logic section. Feel free to explore the virtually endless workflow design options provided by Documill Dynamo.

And when you have created that killer automation sequence, you can also roll it out without fuss and bugs. Just run our new flow debug tracing tools, quickly fix any errors in the logic and you are good to go. The debug trace view can be turned on from Test button’s drop-down menu.


Unified Test and Save buttons

Starting from this release, the Basic and Advanced UI will use similar Test and Save buttons. A minor detail, but often it is the consistency of the small things that really matters.


Easy-to-use translation matrix

We have added an Easy-to-use translation matrix to the app. It allows you to generate documents in as many languages as you wish using just one template. Just see in our previous article how it works and looks – or even try it out following the instructions in it.


Contact us to learn more

While some of the new features mark a more radical improvement than others, they all contribute to what we believe is the leading functionality in the marketplace, coupled with the best user experience.

And wait, there are still a couple other cool things in the pipeline, to be covered soon…

But for now, would you like to learn a more about Documill Dynamo? Just contact us or download Documill Dynamo now to see, how it all works in practice.


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