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The Meaning and Beauty of “Post-merge-edit”

The dilemma of automation and personalization:

A great advantage of Document Generation app’s for Salesforce.com is that the organization gets to design the template, ensuring the branding is right and the text is on message. However, in doing that we lose something in way of the personal communication that is so critical in the 21st century.

The whole philosophy of Salesforce is putting the customer front and center. So imagine if you could create your perfect template and include in it a defined space for your end-user to customize the communication .- How they do that is entirely up to you – perhaps you allow them to add a personal greeting or thank you or be able to edit some of your content. You decide which sections (if any) in your templates you want the end users to have access to and then you set it and forget it.

For an end user, they create an output through the magic of a single click or workflow experience but are given the chance to personalize their communication before it goes out, all in the browser, just as simple for them as writing an email.

The requirement sounds simple but as a solution designer, you want to ensure your end-users do not go too far in their customization and destroy the corporate branding. In many document generation apps in the market, the merge is the end of the process. For them and many of our competitors, at the point a document has been merged it either becomes a static document and cannot be edited without losing the link to Salesforce.

Empower a customer-oriented automation approach:

The phrase “post-merge-edits” is exactly what Documill Dynamo loves to offer to our customers. We enable editing of the document after it has been merged without breaking the Salesforce process.

You don’t have to worry about the quality control because your users will edit only in sections they are allowed to. Better still, your users won’t forget to upload the edited version from their computer back to Salesforce as we do that for you. If a document goes through a variety of iterations before being sent (such as an rfp response) we save the history for you too.

Having editing ability while maintaining brand consistency can be achieved easily with Documill Dynamo template settings, no coding skills required. Just see for yourself. Try out Documill Dynamo in Salesforce!

If you want, you can even pre-define your personalized content and have your users select the right section from a content library – look out for our future blog on “Clause Library” to find out more.

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