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“Time kills all deals”, they say. Or is it just bad negotiation management?

As the old wisdom says, “time kills all deals”. The longer the negotiation, the weaker its prospects to mature into a contract. But is time the real reason or just the primary symptom?

In his excellent article, Anthony Iannarino points out:

“When it feels like time is killing a deal, time is not to blame.
Instead, you are the reason the deal is dying a slow, painful death.”

Then he elaborates:

“If you want to make time your ally… The more time you spend with your client, the greater the likelihood you win their business. Time face to face is a competitive advantage. Time without any communication and with no real commitments will cause you to lose deals.”

So what really matters is YOUR commitment to drive the deal forward. To do this, you can take control of the negotiation process (not the customer) and use it to your benefit.

So far, so good. But what to do to make that happen? Well, it always helps if you plan your actions beforehand. And this is important: plan so you will keep the conversation moving from a meeting to the next one, then next, up until the closing of the deal. Always ensure that you are giving your customer a real reason for the next meeting.

Drive a collaborative approach, whether you are negotiating face to face or online. These days, the latter is becoming the norm. All you need for it to work is the right set of online tools to keep it all under control, productive and fast enough so it will not get stuck.

Whether meeting online or face-to-face, modern cloud negotiation solutions can help you create your plan. Even better, you can automate the best part of executing it, with alerts going out on the next action, to anybody responsible for doing it.

And, as we know, plans are made to be changed. A good solution allows you to change the steps on the fly whenever you need to and add new tasks and new people.

If you are a Salesforce user, Documill Leap application in the AppExchange will help you a lot. Would you like to see a demo of how it works?

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