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Tips for Dreamforce– How to Make the Most of It

Plan your week

Plan your week as well as possible, but don’t make your schedule too strict to allow for those opportunities and events that you find on the day. It’s good to have an idea of the keynotes you want to see as well as list any session you’d like to attend, including the location of those. Ideally, pick 4-5 sessions a day and use the remainder of the day to explore the event, meet new people and enjoy the Dreamforce sprit.

Bring your business cards

As the event of the year, you’re bound to meet a lot great new people so bring your business cards and take plenty of them. Networking opportunities are limitless during the week and connecting with new contacts is easy during the event and the evening parties surrounding the event.

Go to the parties

The evenings are filled with numerous parties and some of the best places to network with people in your industry. So go ahead and enjoy yourself while out there. However, don’t let the partying ruin your agenda for the day time as missing a great keynote because you’re nursing your head is not a good idea.

Take a good pair of shoes

The Moscone centre is huge by any scale and you’ll be doing a lot of walking between the sessions and events around the town. It is a much more enjoyable experience if you bring comfortable shoes so don’t overlook this when packing for your trip. It’s also a good idea to carry a jumper or similar with you as the night can get breezy (especially if you decide to stay out until 3AM).

Soak up the Dreamforce spirit

The event really is something unusually inspiring and motivating so the best way to make most of it is to soak up the atmosphere and mingle with people. By having the right mix of planning and free time on your schedule, you will leave the event head full of ideas to transform your work as well as a list of new contacts.


Don’t forget to follow up all the new people you met during the week. A great way to make this easier is to connect with people you meet on LinkedIn instantly and then take it from there, perhaps by sending them an email or giving them a call after the event. This will give you a chance to pick up any conversations you have had and build the relationship further.

Are you excited to be going to Dreamforce’16? Please et us know if you’re going and let’s connect over the week!

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