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Top 5 Documents to Start Generating in Salesforce Across Industries

Are you Salesforce users? Have you been considering Document Generation tools, or have you been using one already? Either way, we believe you will benefit from this knowledge sharing.

We are revealing to you top 5 use cases that our customers love which have proved to significantly enhance business productivity by spending less time on document work and delightfully lift up both employee and customer experience.

Don’t just work hard, work smart!

So, have you automated yet?

1. Proposal

For most businesses, sales proposal is usually done manually, by filling in required information into a company layout. It takes a significant amount of time to switch between fragmented sources to find information, organize the details, calculate the total price, add additional terms, etc. It may not be a comfortable work process for you, either.

The tasks are repetitive whenever an offer is asked. What can be automated, should be automated. With the help of Documill Dynamo, a proposal can be easily generated within a few clicks, while users stay inside Salesforce for the whole time.

Proposal document generation

You can customize document templates down to every single detail in accordance with branding layout and guideline, add dynamic content, nested table and images, input legal terms and automated workflow, etc. 

The possibility is further extended with e-signing. Gain the freedom to go with your favorite E-signing solutions or explore Dynamo seamless integration with DocuSign. 

2. Case response

For service-centric businessesit’s vitally important that customer requests get answered timely and professionallyHowever, service agents normally have to deal with several limitations in performing their tasks, such as overloading requests, lack of supporting resources, and time pressure. Why don’t we give them a hand? 

With Dynamo, a case response can be generated instantly either as an email response or email with PDF documents. There is also a number of supportive features like drag-and-drop premade clauses from sample texts, help resources or document commenting and approval by senior members before sending it out according to your company process. 

Case response document generation

3. Field service report 

For field service industry, field service report is a crucial requirement. With a rather complex data set, imagine how would it be to create the report manually? You don’t even want to think about it! With the help of Documill Dynamo, we can reach to any data level, bring up a complex data set report down to every single detail required, in a short amount of time.

Field Service Report Document Generation

Further than that, we bring the possibility to include photos into the report, which is until now still the unique solution. The role of document generation solution to Field Service industry is undeniable.

4. Strategic Account Plan 

Hey B2B account executives, how about a 360-degree view of your accounts – especially strategic accounts – for an impressive and comprehensive account planning? We’re sure you would like to give us a high-five!   

You can have all you need, say graphs or charts, images, dynamic content from Salesforce of course, and as many more as you want. A step further, what can be more supportive than the ability to collaborate with your internal colleagues on the same account plan, add document commenting and approval capability, while staying inside Salesforce for the whole time. The same document can be sent out without the internal sections to be displayed.

Account plan Document Generation

5. Advanced Quotation or CPQ

What if you have a complex range of products, pricing, and business rules? Hi there, we’re here for you. Would you like to try out our Dynamo CPQ solution that works, yes it works! And you don’t have to pay a fortune! 

If you have been using Excel for your complex pricing calculation, perfect! No need to switch, because Dynamo will offer you a perfect-looking quote generated in real-time, using Excel as middleware. No additional CPQ software required!

Dynamo CPQ solutions document generation

Have we got you excited after seeing a few examples of what documents you can generate from Salesforce in a few clicks? Imagine the beautiful experience for your team, the amount of time it saves, the productivity and so much more … we just can’t stay put!  

Interested in seeing more of Dynamo? Get in touch right now and we’d love to show you live how powerful Documill Dynamo can be! 

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