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Video: close gaps in document-driven processes

Do you feel you have to spend too much time creating customer documents like presentations, quotations, proposals and contracts? If so, the likely reason is that traditional document processes leave a lot of gaps to be filled in with manual work.

And you are not alone worrying those gaps. In 2015, IDC made a study on the impact of closing them. They interviewed 1,518 business leaders, of whom:

  • 45% said that departmental productivity would be increased
  • 46% said that cycle time and time to results would be speeded up
  • 72% agreed that customer satisfaction would increase.

About this video

This short demo video (length 03:02 min.) shows how Documill Dynamo document automation application makes it easy for you, as a Salesforce user, to work on documents much more smoothly. Without leaving the Salesforce user interface, you can create high-quality documents and collaborate effortlessy by using cutting edge functionalities, including:

  • automated versioning
  • automated workflows
  • seamless integration with eSignature applications
  • clause library
  • collaboration features.

Documill Dynamo is available in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can test it for free during a 30-day period.

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