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We are all on video calls. How to make the best of them?

It is not just about COVID-19, though it has certainly accelerated the trend. As our data and processes have moved to the cloud, so have our business communications. Enter video conferencing between companies working in collaboration, for example in a buyer-seller relationship.

The benefits of video conferencing are clear: lots of saved money and time, less commuting plus a huge increase in reachability and flexibility.

And yet there are downsides too: how to remain motivated and focused in front of that screen? How to ensure all relevant content and data are at hand and easily shared? How to keep track of deadlines and action points?  How to ensure everybody knows what is expected from them – their roles, tasks to focus on and due dates for deliverables?


Old follies in a new guise

In fact, those challenges are nothing new, just ones we have always known, now grown in bigger proportion with the increased distance. Already in the old days in face-to-face meetings, all of us have from time to time been a bit too tired, excited or feeling whatever to concentrate in a meeting or contribute constructively, maybe even to follow up with the tasks given to us.

And that exactly is why it is important to address those issues. For a fact is, now we can. Let us look at how to achieve:

  • more focused and productive collaboration in video meetings
  • top-quality collaboration between meetings
  • easier access to relevant data
  • clearer setting of responsibilities for all participants
  • better tracking of tasks and alerting to them
  • easier approval of tasks and, finally, a completed project.


CRM with integrated apps offers better video collaboration

To excel in all aspects above, you can:

1) Add your preferred video conferencing service directly in your CRM solution as an app. Zoom, MS Teams, GoToMeeting and the likes provide this option. This links your video conferences to your customer data. Onboarding of invitees gets easy and access to key details quick.

2) Add a document collaboration tool in your CRM. For Salesforce, for example, Documill Leap solution is available. It enables:

  • One collaboration space for all participants, internal and external
  • Online document editor for with redlining and commenting for any number of users simultaneously – in and between meetings
  • Quick creation of a workflow that automates much of project management from phase to phase to finish. For example, in a contract negotiation: from drafting to revising to negotiation to final approval.
  • Allocation of tasks to all participants
  • Alerts for all tasks and their deadlines
  • Full privacy for all parties
  • Capability to approve and e-sign the final result(s).

To summarize the benefits, a video conferencing app integrated in your CRM allows you to connect easily with your collaborators.

Pair it with a document collaboration app and you can

  • collaborate more easily and productively inhouse and with partner companies
  • take control over your whole project
  • track activities and kick them forward when stalled
  • ensure faster completion of the project with no loose ends.

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