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  • How to pick the right electronic signature app for Salesforce

    E-signatures are more important than ever; make sure you get an app that suits your business.

  • Infographic: Why automate contract creation in Salesforce

    Automating your contract creation process increases your revenue significantly – and helps you save precious time.

  • How to best empower collaboration on business documents

    What are the biggest challenges with remote collaboration? What are the best practical solutions to meet them?

  • Choosing the right document automation solution for Salesforce

    There is a myriad of document automation solutions to choose from on the market, from the simplest to the highly advanced. Learn how to find the one that suits you best.

  • Streamlining sales for success with standardized workflows

    About the impact of reliable workflows that add more clarity, order, speed, and control to your business.

  • Modernizing the creation of negotiable contracts

    The joint effort it takes to close negotiable contracts is often overlooked because of their low volume. At the same time, these contracts represent a much higher value than their non-negotiable counterparts.

  • Meet your Digital Assistant, Document Automation

    Bridging the gap between legacy and born-digital documents.

  • Bringing people, technology, and documents together to help you succeed in the future of sales

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