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Why Document Automation Makes Global Businesses More Efficient

How long are you and your teams spending creating offers and quotes in Salesforce? Chances are we’re talking about days and not hours. Reportedly, 36% of staff time is spent on administrative tasks in the context of document disconnect where critical business processes do not offer a continuous experience, thus resulting in time wasting (The Document Disconnect, An IDC InfoBrief Sponsored by Adobe).

But how can businesses with global operations really become more efficient with their critical document-driven business processes?

Making offers in multiple languages straightforward

One of the challenges global businesses face with offer creation is the multiple markets and languages they operate in. Drafting the same proposal in multiple languages is cumbersome and can lead to delays in getting the required documents to the customer.

What a document generation app does is that it uses a template as the base for customer offers and proposals. Utilising this template, teams can create the same document packages in multiple languages in few clicks in Salesforce – even without the knowledge of the local language.

The translations for the document are stored in a file where each desired field is translated to the given language and this is then automatically copied over to the base document in the creation phase.

Gaining back 250 hours every month

A document generation app makes all sales document related tasks a lot faster, and depending on the needs of your business, the document-driven sales processes can even be partially automated using Salesforce workflow rules.

This means that the productivity will go up while the team size remains the same. But your team will have more time to spend ensuring the pipeline is always full.

A Finnish telecommunications operator, DNA, gained back 250 hours of extra time for sales per month after implementing Documill Dynamo to handle their sales driven document automation. This is all thanks to being able to produce offers faster in multiple languages, boosting the entire sales team’s efficiency.

So are you ready to optimize your team productivity by implementing a document generation app? Get in touch and see how DNA has successfully improve their sales process!

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